Sample Articles/links to some articles


How art can help build up a community and its citizens (, July, 2018).

Unity and resilience never mattered more
Extreme weather means communities must respond to crisis together (, Jan 2018).

It’s Time to Prioritize Pedestrians ( Nov, 2017)

Pondering Parking Lot Potential ( October, 2017)

Building a city for people demands experimentation June 2017

Greenbelt needs allies as cities look to open protected land for housing  (cbcHamilton) Oct 2016

Too many communities left out of the Greenbelt July, 2016

Rethinking the Garden Hamilton Magazine Spring 2016

As a Society, we’re still in the Adolescent Phase ( May 2016

Grow your kids interest in Nature with a Butterfly Garden (ParentsCanada Magazine) April/May 2016

Planting a native garden for a worthy cause: Pollination   Feb, 2016

The Greenbelt is an investment in our common future Sept, 2015

Born to Walk Sept 2015

Greenbelt worth protecting ( June 2015

The Greenbelt Brings Ontarians TogetherApril 2015

Powering Sacred Spaces with Renewable Energy March 2015

A community powered church solar rooftop installationMarch 2015

Solar Energy: A leap of faith Feb 2015

Better transit isn’t just for the poorFeb 2015

The best place to raise a pollinator Feb 2015

Protecting Pollinator Health Jan. 2015

Revitalizing the Y(Toronto Star) Nov. 2014

Food Sovereignty (United Church Observer). Oct. 2014

Divest Sept 2014

Greening Anglican Parishes: stories Sept 2014

Active Transportation (Alive Magazine, Sept. 2014).

The Hamilton Spectator  August, 2014

United Church Observer September, 2013

Alternatives Journal

Hamilton Magazine


How we can all build bridges over bigotry Feb 2017 Hamilton #Ferguson  Dec. 2014
Doing the Gap Hamilton Spec Jan 2015
Op Ed Hamilton Spec Oct. 2014
Op Ed: Hamilton Spec May 2014
Praise Overload— Nov. 2013
WHO’s News page 22 Improve Educational Practices with Unschooling.
It’s early winter and I’m a volunteer at the local elementary school. I have high hopes of becoming a school teacher and want to gain some hands-on experience. Inside the classroom, 28 little children sit in their chairs, working on their ‘paper cutting skills.’
I glance up from supervising a child when a most wondrous sight catches my eye: snow flakes are softly falling outside the window. Great, fluffy flakes float gently down from a purple sky. It brings to mind a cherished snow globe I had as a child. It was a famous landmark – the Eiffel Tower I think – encased in a plastic dome. When I shook it, the little white flakes would descend in a swirling mass, to land at the bottom. Then I’d do it all over again. The toy would amaze and amuse me for hours on end.
It’s a magical world, but the teacher has a different opinion. She hurries over to the window where the children are already gathered to watch the snow fall. Swiftly, abruptly, she draws the curtains closed. “The children are getting distracted,” she says.
My hand hovers uncertainly over my pregnant belly. Is this what awaits her? Read more.



Volunteerism and activism build strong communities Dec, 2015

Give Credit Where it is Due Feb 2015

Failure is the New Winning Jan 2015

Were do ideas come from? Nov. 2014

Rethinking  Everything Magazine


Pay it forward yoga on Barton St, Jan 2016

Tales of a Hamiltonian in Montreal August, 2015

Never to old to go for the gold (for coaches coaching Master Athletes Jan 2015

The Changing World of Work


Natural Born Learners: Unschooling and Autonomy in Education(With Dr. Carlo Ricci, Nipissing University). This is a book project about unschooling/self directed learning. It is a project  based on interviews from the Radio Free School program from 2002 to 2010. (2014).


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